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YTAbout a month ago I was contacted by YourTea, asking if I wanted to try any teas to review. I headed over to their website and couldn’t believe how many teas they offer! They have teas for, women, men, hangover, sex, weightloss, but the one that really stuck out to me was the Skin Magic Tea. I was super excited to try this tea, not because I have really bad skin but because since hitting my midish 30s my skin is dull and blah 😦

The wonderful people at YourTea sent me some pretty great stuff:


Skin Magic Tea:

This tea contains all natural ingredients so there is no icky or harmful things have to worry about. One thing that I really like about Skin Magic Tea is that it containes aloe vera. Did you know aloe vera is known for giving me a pretty great skin?

My Skin type:

I have extremely sensitive, very dry skin, with hormonal breakouts and often have red patchy uneven skin tone.

My hope for Skin Magic Tea was to give me a more healthy glowing, reduction of breakouts and evened tone. I’ve been using this tea for a little over two weeks and I’ve got to say I absolutely love it! My skin looks and feels amazing it has done everything that I had hoped it would do! My skin is healthy and glowing, I have a lot less break outs and less red blotchiness…my skin tone is very even out!!! YAY!


How it works:

Drink a half hour before or after every meal, basically this means you need to drink this tea on an empty stomach! I like to have Skin Magic Tea in the morning when I wake up or right before bed. When I drink it in the morning it really helps wake me up and makes me feel like I want to tackle the day and I love that feeling!

5How does it taste?:

Personally I love the taste of Skin Magic Tea! I have heard other people say that they think that it’s a bland tea but I totally disagree. I think that it is wonderful, I love the herbal taste. Please note that I do like to let my teabag seep for a good while in very hot water from my tea kettle.

All in all I really like Skin Magic Tea and I do recommend it if you are looking for something to help with skin issues.

Thoughts from a friend with serious acne:

My friend Carley’s dermatologist has prescribe TONS of different ointments and medicine and for months nothing worked 😦 then she gave Skin Magic Tea a try and she was STUNNED with in a month her acne was pretty much non existent!

Skin Magic Tea helps with:

  • acne
  • cystic pimples
  • eczema
  • hormonal skin
  • uneven skin tone
  • assisting digestion

Contains: Aloe Vera, Liquorice Root, Lotus Seed Heart, Jasmine, Chinese Red Tea, Bai Xian Pi

60 teabags per box $35.

I also received a box of Sex Tea


I wanted to give you a brief synopsis of what this tea is all about. I’m sure that you’re thinking “what the heck?” Sex Tea is not exactly what you think it is. Sex Tea can help with that horrible anxiety many of us get that totally crushes your mood that can cause your libido to drop.

Yes Sex Tea helps boost your sex drive and lift your mood, however, I actually prefer to drink Sex Tea to have a happy day or lift my mood not for the intended title 😉 This is one of those I usually only drink if I am having a particularly down or hard day, you know when you have no energy and don’t want to do anything. FYI if you were wondering Yes Sex Tea will help you get in the “mood”! Only use one teabag at a time. It tastes great!

Sex Tea helps with:

  • enhancing libido
  • assisting with sexual stability
  • addressing root of libido issues
  • stress/anxiety relief

3Contains: Rou Cong Rong, Yin Yang Huo, Gan Cao, Ren Shen, Green Tea, Hong Zao

40 teabags per box $25.

I do also recommend this tea as well!

Final thoughts:

Where I do love both these teas I will defiantly repurchase Skin Magic Tea & Sex Tea! I also really want to try out the Tiny Tea Detox

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