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17 Minutes to Fit!

unnamedIt summer! Yay! Are you like us, spending your days swimming and enjoying the awesome warm weather? If so, you are probably finding it difficult to fit in a great workout! Look no further! Here are three awesome workouts {Abs,Arms and HIIT} that will have you feeling fit! The best part? It will only take 17 minutes! Oh and be sure to have a bottle of water nearby! You’ll need it!

 5 Minute Standing Abs

5 minutes to tighten your abs and get some rockin definition. Do all the moves standing! Grab a dumbbell or a book {or no weights} and feel the burn!

 5 Minute Arms

Got 5 minutes? Grab a set of five-pound dumbbells and join celebrity trainer Astrid McGuire and feel the burn!

7 Minute HIIT

Get ready for a seven-minute, high-intensity workout! All you need it a mat and chair! You will sweat through these 12 moves.


Find more awesome workout videos from POPSUGAR Fitness!

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What in the heck it a “Tabata” Workout?


Have you noticed that a LOT of people are talking about “Tabata Workouts” these days. In fact after I posting this Tabata workout, my inbox has been flooded with questions…the main one being “What the heck it Tabata?

Sooo… What the Heck it Tabata?

Tabata training is one of the most popular high-intensity interval training {HIIT – I’m sure you have been seeing HIIT everywhere too!}. It’s eight rounds consisting of  a burst of ultra-high-intensity exercise for 20-seconds followed by a very brief 10 second rest. You push yourself as hard as you can for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds until you complete eight sets. You can do pretty much any exercise you want like,  squats, sit ups or pushups. I strongly recommend exercises that work large muscle groups. Using Kettlebells for your Tabata is awesome too! It only takes four minutes to complete a Tabata circuit, but don’t be fooled, those four minutes will push your body to the limit. IT’S AWESOME!

How about a little bit of history?!

A Tabata is referring to a particular type of workout. It’s called a “Tabata” because the founder of the technique is Dr. Izumi Tabata. The training is designed to give participants maximum results in a short period of time.

If the Tabata workout seems “new” to you, there is a reason for that, Izumi Tabata didn’t do his study until 1996. He’s study was very small study and consisted Olympic-level speed skaters! Tabata had these Olympic level athletes work out six days a week for four minutes. But these weren’t just your average mundane workouts these were hardcore…during those four minutes, the athletes, while on bikes would pedal as fast as they possibly could with heavy resistance for 20 seconds, rested for 10 seconds, and repeated for eight rounds total. As a result, the skaters had somewhat increased aerobic capacity but a 28% boost in their anaerobic capacity! WOW!

The Tabata Workout:

The Tabata workout lasts only four minutes, but is one of the longest four minutes of your life…but SO worth it!

The structure of Tabata:

  • Workout hard for 20 seconds
  • Rest for 10 seconds
  • Complete eight rounds

Tabata is great if you need to get a quick workout in, if you need to improve speed, if you need more endurance or if you just want to switch things up a bit!  Add Tabata to your fitness routine you WILL get results. The Goal is at the end of 20 seconds you want is to be very winded, tired and uncomfortable, no matter how you get there, as long as it’s safe {see caution below!}TAbb

A Caution:

Tabata is very fast-paced this means you may be more prone to injury. Please make sure you’re in totally control of the exercises you’re doing and ONLY do exercises that are right for you! This may mean you are only using 5 lbs when the work out calls for 15…that is OK! You WILL get there! If you are not in control the likelihood of injury dramatically increases.

A few of my FAVORITE Tabata Workouts!









Don’t Forget it is ONLY 4 minutes and then you can rest! I found when I push myself to my breaking point, I feel like I accomplished so much more!!!

Do you love TABATA? What’s you favorite Tabata workout!

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