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Hey Guys! I’m out with an injury! I have a slipped budging disc and a serious pinched nerve in my upper back…YUCK! This sucks and also means that I cannot workout until I have started to heal. I had some great workout posts on the docket however with the pain Im in and the pain meds making me SUPER drowsy I have decided to switch gears and share the TapInfluence Marketplace with you all!

First thing: Are you a blogger who loves sharing your stories and experiences with your readers? Are you passionate about creating and sharing visual content on Pinterest, Twitter, or Instagram? Do you have a gift for making videos on YouTube or Vine? Are you a champion for brands you love?  Does your blog or social media channels focus on things like fashion, lifestyle, fitness, travel, education, food, sports ect If you answered yes to any of those, then TapInfluence is the right place for you!

The TapInfluence Marketplace is awesome and I’m so happy to be apart of it! What is the TapInfluence Marketplace? Basically it puts you in front 100s of marketers who are looking for content creators {TapInfluence customers include Microsoft, P&G, Bacardi, RedBox, Old Navy, Lego, Horizon Organics and hundreds of other consumer brands..WHOA right?!} Since creating my account with TapInfluence I’ve had the ability to work with a number of different companies/brands. I have been contacted by some amazing brands that I don’t think I would have had a chance with if I wasn’t a part of the TapInfluence Marketplace. It’s been amazing. I love building relationships with these brands and getting review products and getting paid for blogging is just icing on the cake! These Brands want to connect with influencers and collaborate with them to create meaningful, consumer-trusted content…why not be apart of it!

Getting started is super easy!

Join the Marketplace, set up your digital Media Kit, and you’re off and running. Accept opportunities and manage your program requirements, editorial calendar, deadlines and compensation details right from your account!

If you know me or my blog at all then you know that I do not willy nilly share things like this! The TapInfluence Marketplace is something that I truly believe in and trust! I have been apart of it for over a year and I have nothing but great things to say about it! I give my 100% seal of approval on TapInfluence and highly recommend that if you are trying to connect with brands that you join and created your media kit today!


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