WellieWishers Books are HERE!!!!

In June American Girl launched the ADORABLE WellieWishers Doll line but the doll did not have corresponding books like the other dolls…until now! 3 books have been released and they retail for only $5.99!!!!

The three books are:

Ashlyn’s Unsurprise Party


When Camille loses two teeth in one day, Ashlyn decides to cheer up her friend by throwing a party. The party is meant to be a secret so the other WellieWishers will be surprised too, but a rainstorm and other woes are on the horizon! Will Ashlyn accept help from her friends in order to get everything done?

The Riddle of the Robin

A robin has moved into the garden, and the WellieWishers couldn’t be more excited! As they care for the robin, they learn new things about what birds like to do and eat. But one day, the robin disappears! Will the girls be able to find the robin and his secret? Animal-lover Willa is on the case!

The Muddily-Puddily Show


The WellieWishers are putting on a show, and Emerson is in charge! There are lots of good ideas – but some need work. Ashlyn can’t see inside her pumpkin costume, Willa has a touch of stage-fright, and Kendall has no idea how to make weather effects onstage! Will Emerson learn to take direction so the show can go on?

I think it stands to reason that American will be releasing more Wellie Wishers books in the feature but don’t quote me on that 🙂

These early chapter books are so bright, colorful and friendship oriented, which we love. They are easy-to-read chapter books that follow the 5 WellieWishers friends and their  adventures! The books take place in an enchanted neighborhood garden. The books have great messages including empathy, kindness, and compassion, which are all important traits we want to instill in our daughter! 

One thing that I just love about these books is that the entire book is jam packed full of beautifully colored illustrations, I feel like this will really engage a early reader and hold their attention! Just as the WellieWishers dolls are smaller than the original American Girl dolls, the books are easier to read than the other American Girl chapter books.
These are perfect for a early reader {6,7,8+ year olds} and would make a fantastic gift! My daughter is getting all three books and Ashlyn for her birthday in just a few days..so look for another post soon! 🙂WellieWishers Easy Chapter Books & Dolls from American Girl

Now available everywhere including the American Girl site!

I received these today through the preorder program on amazon.

*I am NOT affiliated with American Girl and I was not compensated  for this post we are simply a family who loves American Girl!  All thoughts + opinions are 100% my own. ALL images are ©The Life in Bloom & American Girl

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