Re-post by popular demand {2013 Family Planner}

Back by popular demand!

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Family Planner 2013 Download

{Due to extremely high traffic volume the download may take a few minutes.}

Included are 36 page for you to mix and match…it all depends on how much detail you want your months, weeks and days to have! Each page was custom designed {I spent a lot of time on them making them perfect!} I have also included a number of extras…like the cleaning and goal pages, and contact lists separated into friends, family, neighbors and medical! Each month is created with two pages with ample writing room. Within each week there are daily pages so that you can keep track of everything!

Don’t forget:

a three inch 3 ring binder

page protectors

tape {to add the month tab to each month}

colored pens {this will help keep track of multiple children and their activities!}

I would also recommend either printing from you home printer or if you don’t want to use up all your family’s ink – uploading all the pages you would like to print to kinkos online. It’s really quick and easy!

Have fun and HAPPY 2013! Let’s live this year organized!

*there will be a upcoming post on how to put your binder together {If you are a visual person like me this will be great!}

Smiles & Blessings